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The Journal was the brainchild of Tito Benday and Graham Morris who produced the first edition in 1993 for the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society who were at the time raising funds for the restoration of Gibraltar’s City Hall. The publication was so well received that it was decided that the journal should become an annual publication.

The publication has been printed annually since and in this time has become an invaluable record of Gibraltar’s history, including our relatively recent history, through the publication of personal reminiscences and family histories, in addition to more traditional articles on military history, social history, language in Gibraltar, and much else. Thanks to strong support from those who have formed part of the Editorial Board over the years, the Journal has grown a reputation for well-grounded research. Submissions for the Journal are now also peer reviewed which adds to the standing of the publication in advancing research on Gibraltar related themes.



Mr Tito Benady: 1993 – 2007

Dr Jennifer Ballantine Perera 2008

Dr Jennifer Ballantine Perera: 2009 - 2016

Mr Tito Benady: 2017- 2019

Mr Richard Garcia: 2019-current


Sub Editors

Miss Rebecca Fa

Mrs Claire Montado


Editorial Board

Mr Ian Balestrino

Dr Jennifer Ballantine Perera

Dr Sam Benady

Mr Tito Benady

Mr Anthony Pitaluga

Dr Darren Fa

Mr Manolo Galliano

Ms Sue Davies

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Latest Journal: Volume 29

Cummulative index

The Cumulative Index will now only be printed in hard copy every 5th year from Journal No 25. 
A PDF version of the latest index from Journal 1 - 26 is available for download here

Year and Volume

Article List

1993, Vol 1

  • Gibraltar's Architecture, Mario L. Sanguinetti, FRIBA

  • Gibraltar's Main Square, Tito Benady

  • The History of the City Hall, Jack and Dorothy Ellicott

  • The Cardozo Family, Tito Benady

  • The Larios Family, Tito Benady

  • Parson's Lodge Battery, Sir William Jackson

1994, Vol 2

  • Update on Parson's Lodge, Christopher Terry

  • The French in Gibraltar in the 19th Century, Dr. Sam Benady

  • The Currency and Coinage of Gibraltarian the 18th, 15th and 19th centuries, Richard J Garcia

  • Character and Style of the early Gibraltar Chronicles, Diane Sloma

  • Engineers in Gibraltar in the 16th and 17th centuries, Tito Benady

  • Gibraltar During the Spanish Civil War, Isaac Benyunes

  • The Models of the Rock, Dr. S Benady & TJ Finlayson

  • The History of Gibraltar's Water Supply, Tommy J Finlayson

  • Governors of Gibraltar, Tito Benady

  • The Founding of Gibraltar, Tito Benady

1996, Vol 3

  • The Restoration of the City Hall, Gino F. Matto RIBA

  • Gibraltar and the Sea, Sam G Benady

  • Gibraltar's First Election, TJ Finlayson

  • Expelled From Morocco, Lourdes Galliano

  • The American View and the Spanish Claim, Dr. Joseph Garcia

  • The Lombard Family, Anthony Lombard

  • Cazes: Gibraltar Department Store, Sam G Benady

  • Underground Power Stations of the Royal Engineers, Ken Anthony

  • A Tale of Two Families, AAD Seymour

  • Gibraltar in 1748: Described by Robert Poole, introduction by Tito Benady

  • William Willoughby Cole Verner, Dr. Clive Finlayson

1997, Vol 4

  • The Day the Bedenham Blew Up, Ernest Reading

  • The Java, David Grieg

  • The Complaint of the Chief Justice of Gibraltar, Tito Benady

  • The Man on the Spot: a case study in Colonial Administration. Sir Robert Stanley, Colonial Secretary 1944-1947, Dr. Joseph Garcia

  • William Green: the Man Who Saved Gibraltar, Ken Anthony

  • Gibraltar Chronicle: Language, Style and Cultural Identity, Diane Sloma

  • General Casteños in the Campo de Gibraltar and his Relations with the British, Francisco Tornay de Cozar

  • Description of Gibraltar in 1773, Richard Twiss

  • Policing Gibraltar in Victorian Times, Cecilia Baldachino

  • The Roman Catholic Abudarham Family, Anthony Lombard

  • The Press in Gibraltar in the Nineteenth Century, TJ Finlayson

1998, Vol 5

  • An old pupil of the Christian Brothers looks back, Pop Gareze

  • Paul Morphy's Spanish Connection, Sam G Benady

  • Scandals: the seamy side of life in Gibraltar in the eighteenth century, Tito Benady

  • Spies Hanged During the War, Sir Joshua Hassan

  • Smith, Immossi & Co Ltd, Patricia Smith

  • World War II and its effect on the development of  a civilian medical service in Gibraltar, Sam G Benady

  • The Painting of Utopia, Luis Pereira

  • Reminiscences of the Gibraltar Museum, David C Devenish

  • Heraldry in Gibraltar, Anthony Lombard

  • Moslem Gibraltar as described by the ancient chroniclers, Tito Benady

  • Description of Gibraltar in 1825, James Anton

  • Newspapers published in Gibraltar 1900-1972, Tommy Finlayson

1999, Vol 6

  • The Kidnapping of the Bonells, Paco Galliano

  • The Tragic Evacuation of the Indian Community of Gibraltar in 1940, Percy Mañasco

  • The Place of the Garrison Library in Gibraltarian Society, Tito Benady

  • The Case of the Cuban Refugees, TJ Finlayson

  • Days to Remember: the Evacuation, Joseph L Morello

  • Gibraltar in Fiction, Sam Benady

  • The Spanish Consul in Gibraltar During the Constitutional Triennial 1820-1823, Juan Manuel Ballesta Gomez

  • Reminiscences of Gibraltar, Richard Gilham Thomsett

  • Cooperation and Conflict in North Front in the 1800s, Cecilia Baldachino

  • The Depositions of the Spanish Inhabitants of Gibraltar to the Inspectors of the Army in 1712, Tito Benady

2000, Vol 7

  • The Gallantry of Lieutenant Solomon Benzecry, Eric Canessa

  • Sufficient unto the day, Joe Ochello

  • HMS Cormorant and HMS Hart, 1894-1949, Ernest Reading

  • Fives Court, Tony Lombard

  • The Social Impact of the Spanish Civil War in Gibraltar, Denis Beiso

  • The Refurbishment of the Convent, Rose Luce

  • Gibraltar and the Falklands Dimension, Anthony Gooch

  • Visual Artefacts of 19th century Gibraltar, Larry Sawchuk & Jane Padiak

  • Djebel Tarik, Tito Vallejo

  • English and Spanish in Gibraltar, Sergius Ballentine

  • Spaniards in Gibraltar after the Treaty of Utrecht, Tito Benady

2001,Vol 8

  • The Settlement of Jews in Gibraltar 1704-1783, Tito Benady

  • The Sinking of the Utopia, Paul Baker

  • The Gibraltar Connections of a San Roque Family, Juan Manuel Ballesta Gomez

  • The Gibraltar Market, Cecilia Baldachino

  • Arthur Griffiths (1838-1908), S G Benady

  • Memories of a young girl in Madeira, Elena Lina Searle

  • The Declaration of the Constitution of Cadiz in Gibraltar and the Campo Area, Carlos Posac Mon

  • 1830 and all that!, TJ Finlayson

  • The Royal Naval Air Station, Maurice FitzGerald

  • The Politics of Catalan Bay, Dennis Beiso

  • The measurement of the height of the Rock, Eric Canessa

  • The bell of Gibraltar in Fez, Tito Vallejo

  • Genoese in Gibraltar, Tito Benady

2002, Vol 9

  • The Harbour That Never Was, Eric Canessa

  • A Survey of the Integration Movement in Gibraltar since 1965, Percy Mañasco

  • The Gibraltarian Since 1704, TJ Finlayson

  • The Govenors of Gibraltar (1704-1730), Tito Benady

  • The Garrison Library, Lorna Swift

  • The Deutschland Incident, Paul Baker

  • Solicitors of the Supreme Court - Gibraltar, Roger Taylor

  • Historical Events in Gibraltar, Tito Benady & TJ Finlayson

  • Reminiscences of People and Places, R.G Thomsett

  • Memories of Brympton School 1932-1939, Elizabeth McCutchan

2003, Vol 10

  • Two Views on the Arab Invasion and Tariq/Tarif, Hammo Sassoon

  • The Jose Luis Diez Incident, Dennis D Beiso

  • The Convent at Gibraltar, Tito Benady

  • The Govenors of Gibraltar II (1730-1749), Tito Benady

  • The Diary of Harriet Beanland as a Girl, 1874-1876, Malcolm Beanland

  • Women of Gibraltar, Sam Benady

  • The Gibraltarian Identity and Early 20th Century Marriage Practices, LA Sawchuk & L Walz

  • Pedro an his GDF Honey Wagon, Arthur Addis

  • Personalities and Ordinary People in Spanish Gibraltar in the 16th and 17th Century, Pt. I, Juan Manuel Ballesta Gomez

  • Edwardian Architecture in the Campo de Gibraltar, Ana Aranda Bernal

2004. Vol 11

  • Contacts between England and Gibraltar before 1704, Sam Benady

  • The Political Background to the War of the Spanish Succession, Joe Desoisa

  • Prince George of Hessen: A Hero Cast in the 'Old Mould', Denis King

  • The Naval Involvement in the Capture of Gibraltar in 1704, Paul Baker and Cecilia Baldachino

  • The Siege of Gibraltar 1704-5, Sam Benady

  • The Civilian Population in 1704, Tito Benady

  • A Descent from the Conquest, Anthony Lombard

  • Memories of World War II in Gibraltar, Regina Ramsay IBVM as told to Ena Devlin

  • Tribute to Admiral Sir Derek Reffel

2005, Vol 12

  • The Way We Were, Cecilia Baldachino

  • The Mount, Marjorie Hoare

  • How Bolton Beandland and his Family Came to Settle in Gibraltar, Malcolm Beanland

  • Guiseppe Codali, Tito Benady

  • The Creswells of Gibraltar, Frank Creswell and Sam Benady

  • Random Memories, Elizabeth McCutchan

  • Food in Gibraltar, Tito Benady

  • General Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien GCB, GCMG, DSO (1858-1930), Ernest Reading

  • Personalities and Ordinary People in Spanish Gibraltar in the 16th and 17th Century, Pt. II, Juan Manuel Ballesta Gomez

  • Nelson and Gibraltar, Denis King

  • After Trafalgar, Denis King

2005, Special Edition

  • The Jews of Gibraltar under British Rule, A.B.M Serfaty

  • The Rabbis in Gibraltar in the Eighteenth Century, Rabbi Hassid

  • From Gibraltar to Jerusalem, Solomon A. Seruya

  • Anglo-Jewish Association Report of 1877-1878,

  • The Kebutot of Gibraltar, Mesod Belilo

  • Benjamin Hassan Haddadah

2006, Vol 13

  • Aspects of Contemporary Hinduism in Gibraltar, Günter Best

  • In the Time of Great Calamity: Dr. John Hennen, Principal Medical Officer; Gibraltar, LA Sawchuk, SDA Burke and SG Benady

  • Captain Louis Anthony Lombard and the International Conference of Algeciras 1906, Anthony JP Lombard

  • John Stubbs, Tito Benady

  • Smuggling and the Law, Tito Benady

2007, Vol 14

  • Don't tell me he has drowned!': An account of events which took place on the Rock relating to the Allied Landings in North Africa on 8th November 1942 - Operation Torch, Denis King

  • HMS Courageux: an eighteenth-century ship lost in the Strait of Gibraltar, Athena Trakadas

  • The Remarkable Ward Family, Tito Benady

  • The Great Siege: One Woman's View, Sam Benady

  • The Garrison of Gibraltar, Vincent Power

  • An Airman Remembers, Michael Cook

  • Sketches of my Childhood, Gil Podesta

  • Reminiscences, Joe Ochello

2008, Vol 15

  • Listing the TGWU archive - a work in progress, Dennis Beiso

  • Quelch in Gibraltar 1898-1899, Tito Benady

  • El Sindicalismo Gibraltareño, José Netto

  • The wrongful deportation of Albert Fava: the indisputable champion of worker's rights, Jonathan Jeffries

  • The Young Christian Workers and the Labour Movement in Gibraltar, Dr. Bernard Linares

  • The Parity Question - a Socio-Political Evaluation, Joe Bossano

  • The Impact of Trade Unionism and the Economy and Politics of Gibraltar in the 1970s and 1980s, Roy Clinton

2009, Vol 16

  • El Calpense - Un Paseo de Gibraltar a La Linea' Por un Calpense; with an introduction on the history of El Calpense, Joshua Marrache with a translation by Sergio Ballantine

  • Gibraltar's Weather Records: the Gibraltar Chronicle, Letters, Diaries and Publications, Dennis Wheeler

  • Gibraltar's Cut Coinage, Bob Lyall

  • Henry Ince: Soldier, Tunneller and Methodist (1736-1808), Sue Jackson

  • Garrison of Gibraltar II, Vincent Power

  • Twice Round the Rock Sequence: a Pictorial View Taken Between 1959-1961, Michael Cook

  • HMS Calpe 1965 to 1993, Cdr Joe Ballantine OBE RD* RNR (Rtd)

2010, Vol 17

  • Beanland Malin Gibraltar Printers and Stationers, Malcolm Beanland

  • The Gibraltar Tobacco Wrappers Engraved by Julio Spitzer circa 1890, Richard Garcia

  • My Father's Shop, Manolo Galliano

  • MH Bland & Co Ltd: 200th Anniversary 1810-2010, George Gaggero

  • Gibraltar entre Granadinos, Castellanos y Meriníes (1309-1333), Manuel López Fernández with a translation by Kevin Lane

  • Garrison of Gibraltar III (1871-1945), Vincent Power

  • The Royal Naval Air Service - Gibraltar 1918 - Birthdays and Balloons, Lieutenant Commander Maurice FitzGerald, MNI, Royal Navy (Retired)

2011, Vol 18

  • The Conversion of the SS Uganda in Gibraltar 16th-19th April 1982, David Sanchez

  • The Refitting of the SS Uganda in April 1982 in images, Orlando Bossino

  • Mons Calpe 1954-1986, George Gaggero

  • The Alameda Housing Estate, TJ Finlayson

  • Gibraltar Calling: a History of Telephone Services in Gibraltar, Malcolm Beanland

  • The Goatherd's Path and the XIIth Siege of Gibraltar, Roy Clinton

  • Christmas Memories, Manolo Galliano

2012, Vol 19

  • A Gibraltar Diary of the Falklands War, Michael Sanchez

  • Memories and memorabilia from the 1950s and 1960s, Malcolm Beanland

  • Gibraltar's Religious and other Traditions, Manolo Galliano

  • The Devil's Tower (Torre Del Diablo), Freddie Gomez

  • The Victoria Cross, Gibraltar and the Royal Lodge of Friendship no. 278, Keith Sheriff

  • William Henry Bartlett: Smugglers, Spaniards and Moors - Porters, Touters and Idlers, Neville Chipolina

2013, Vol 20

  • Description of Gibraltar c.1682-1687 by the Rev Fray Gerónimo de la Concepción from his book 'Emporio de e Orbe, Cádiz Ilustrada, Investigation de sus antiguas Grandezas, Discurrida en Concurso de el General Imperio de España' 1690, translation with notes by Manolo Galliano

  • Notes of the frontispiece of Rev Fray Gerónimo de la Concepción; description of Gibraltar in 'Cádiz Ilustrada' c.1682-1687, Charles Durante

  • El Gran Sitio, con acento menorquín', an account from the unpublished diary of Father Fracis Messa, who was parish priest of the Church of Saint Mary the Crowned during the Great Siege of Gibraltar, Martí Crespo

  • The Great Siege with a Minorcan Emphasis (translation and notes), Martí Crespo, translation and notes by Manolo Galliano

  • Harry Reading 1891-1917 and the Reading Family, Ernest Reading

  • The Strait of Gibraltar/Pillars of Hercules in Three Poetic Texts, Charles Durante

  • U-Boats Lost Near Gibraltar 1941-1944, Michael Sanchez

  • A visit to Gibraltar by the George Borrow Society September 2012, Richard Garcia MBE

2015, Vol 21

  • ‘Dangers from Beneath’, by Ted Archer;

  • ‘Minorca and Gibraltar in the Eighteenth Century’, by Tito Benady;

  • ‘Crown Colony’ by Martin Geoffrey Ford;

  • ‘The Hermitage of Our Lady of The Rosary’ by Manolo Galliano;

  • ‘A Symbol of Christian Reconquest in the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned’ by Ryan Asquez;

  • Three Examples of the Impact of Postage Stamps from the 1890s-1920s’ by Richard Garcia;

  • 'The Capture of Gibraltar, 1704: An Eyewitness Account by Lieutenant Streynsham Master’ Transcribed and introduced by Manolo Galliano;

  • ‘Notes and Impressions on the Visit of H.M. the Queen and H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh to Gibraltar on 10th and 11th May, 1954’ by Mollie Scherr (edited by Jennifer Scherr 60 years later)

  • ‘The Last Royal Navy Ship Sunk During World War I’ by Ian Balestrino.

2016, Vol 22

  • ‘What's in a name?’, by Sam Benady;

  • ‘The Dyer Family of Gibraltar’, by Manolo Galliano;

  • ‘Governor Bland and the first Constitution for Gibraltar’ by Tito Benady;

  • ‘The Mayoralty of Gibraltar and the History of the City Hall’ by Anthony Lombard;

  • ‘The original Spanish Inhabitants of Gibraltar 1704-1712’ by Richard Garcia;

  • 'Bronze Howitzers at the Alameda Gardens’ by Ian Balestrino;

  • 'The Gibraltar War Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum, UK’ by Joe Brugada;

  • Notes and Queries section: 'Rock Scorpions and other creatures', 'Photographs with frames of postage stamps', 'A symbol of Christian Reconquest in the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned revised' and 'The last Royal Navy ship sunk during World War I'.

2017, Vol 23

  • 1967 & All That - Memories of Gibraltar's First Referendum, By Manolo Galliano

  • Photographs of the 1967 Referendum, Courtesy of the Gibraltar National Archives

  • The trial of Doña Claudia Theresa Palomin by the Inquisition, José Maria Lázaro Bruña

  • The proposed Demolition of the Main Guard, Richard Garcia

  • Cholera and Choleric Bureaucrat, Sam Benady

  • Maltese Immigrants in Gibraltar, Tito Benady

  • Four Officers in Command (or not in Command), Tito Benady

  • Spanish Inhabitants who remained in Gibraltar after 1704, Part II, Richard Garcia

2018, Vol 24

  • 'Gibraltar Crossroad for Emigration to the West: From Gibraltar to the Americas 1870 to 1930' by Anthony W. Pitaluga

  • Lo mataron de un valaso: Military Deaths in the Burial Registers of the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned, 1704-05' by Ryan Asquez

  • 'Death of an Admiral, Birth of a Naval Legend: The Death of Jacob Heemskerk at the Battle of the Bay of Gibraltar 1607' by David Sanchez

  • 'Gibraltar - Siege of 1704-05. Translation and notes' by Manolo Galliano

  • 'The 16th Century Coat of Arms in the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned' By Manolo Galliano

  • 'My Life as a Musician' - By Tito Valerga

  • 'Jamilla's Story' - By Gina Marks 

  • 'The Spanish Blockade' By Joseph Nuñez

  • 'Lieutenant General Thomas Fowke' By Tito Benady

  • 'Radio Gibraltar 60 years at The Centre of Everything' By George Valarino

  • 'Not Quite James Bond- Shining a Light on the Spy Services in Gibraltar' by Jonathan Jefferies

  • 'Spanish Inhabitants who Remained in Gibraltar after 1704. Part III' By Richard Garcia

  • 'Book Review - Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History' by Roy & Leslie Adkins

  • Notes & Queries Section

  • 'Emerson Place', ' The Centenary of the Sinking of HMS Britannia' and ' The History of Gibraltar's Streets'

2019, Vol 25

  • 25 years of the Journal of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, by Richard Garcia

  • The Gibraltar Gas Company: A case Study in Colonial Capitalism, by Roy Clinton

  • Francisco Porro, the Gibraltarian Bishop ‘Persecuted’ by Napoleon, by Marti Crespo

  • Shakelton Air Crash at R.A.F. North Front 14th September 1957, by Manolo Galliano

  • Giraltar Gills – Merchants and Medics, by Robin Gill

  • A Contemporary Account of the Capture of Gibraltar, by Sam Benady

  • World War One: The Impact on GIbrlatar, by Anthony W Pitaluga

  • Lord Tyrawley; a singularly Licentious Man, by Tito Benday

  • The British Salamanders, by Roy and Lesley Adkins

  • The Bombing and Sinking of the ‘H.M.T. Stella Sirius’, by Ian Balestrino

  • Bishop Devlin’s Account of the Early History of St. Teresa’s Church, by Richard Garcia

  • Alcaldes, Alcaides, Corregidores & Governors of Gibraltar (1310-1704), by Manolo Galliano

  • Notes and Queries include: Monkey Business, by Sam Benady; Drum, by Richard Labrador; H.M.S. Britannia Revisitied, by Ian Balestrino; Book Review ‘Of Monks and Nuns'

2020, Vol 26

  • Langdon: From the Assembley Rooms to The Queen's, by Michele Stagnetto and John Langdon

  • Evacuated to Madeira, by Tito Benady

  • Lisztomania: The Gibraltar Concert in the Franz Liszt Grand Tour, 4th March 1845, by Anthony Pitaluga

  • The Mediterranean Stairs and O'Hara's Tower: History and Recreational Use, by Roy Clinton

  • The Camp That Never Was: The Non-intervention Committee in Gibraltar, by Francis Silva

  • The Anglican Deans of Gibraltar, to 1945, by Robin Gill

  • Steamer Companies and Early Gibraltar Picture Postcards, by Richard Garcia

  • Alcades, Alcaides, Corregidores and Governors of Gibraltar (1310-1704), Part I - Revisited, by Manolo Galliano

  • Alcades, Alcaides, Corregidores and Governors of Gibraltar (1310-1704), Part II, by Manolo Galliano

  • The Bombing and Sinking of H.M.T Stella Sirius, by Ian Balestrino

  • Notes and Queries include: Eliott the Veggie, by Sam Benady; Perejil Island, by Sam Benady; The currency on Gibraltar's first Postage Stamps, by Richard Garcia

  • Obituaries: John Porral; Marjorie Hoare

2021, Vol 27 

  • Captain Samuel Buckle, Gibraltar's Colonial Engineer (1874-1894). Part I: an Officer of the Crown, by Alex Panayotti

  • The Threat from Spanish Guns to Gibraltar (1939-43) and British concerns, by Peter Ferrary

  • Gibraltar Phonecards, 1989-2004, by Malcolm Beanland

  • The Gibraltar Convict Station, by Sam Benady

  • A Balloon Ascent from the Gasworks, Gibraltar, in 1889, by Anthony Pitaluga

  • Anglican Deans Part II, by Robin Gill

  • The Opening of the Gibraltar Tourist Office in London, by Richard Garcia

  • Alcades, Alcaides, Corregidores and Governors of Gibraltar (1310-1704), Part 3, by Manolo Galliano

  • Notes and Queries include: John Jones, by Roy & Lesley Adkins; Scud Hill, by Sam Benady

  • Obituaries: Alexis Almeda; Joe Desoisa; Lionel Culatto; Edward (Ted) Archer

  • Gibraltar Bookshelf 2020

2022, Vol 28

  • Captain Samuel Buckle, Gibraltar's Colonial Engineer: The Cause of All our Misfortunes (Part II), by Alex Panayotti
  • The Nun's Well, by Manolo Galliano
  • Down Memory Lane in the 1960s, by Maria Victoria Bartlett
  • Naval Football Grounds, by Richard Bear
  • The Gibraltar "Battle Honour", by Ian Balestrino
  • Spanking Roger and The Great Siege by Peter Ferrary
  • Alcaides, ALcades, Corregidores and Governors of Gibraltar (Part IV), by Manolo Galliano
  • Notes & Queries include: Another Historical Myth Exploded by Sam Benady, Scud Hill by Roy & Lesley Adkins, Chimney Swallows by Roy & Lesley Adkins and O'Hara in Love by Sam Benady
  • Obituary: John Stubbs (1934 - 2022)
  • Gibraltar Bookshelf Addedndum 2019, 2020, 2021‚Äč

2023, Vol 29

  • My Mother’s Gibraltar Childhood, by Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop
  • The Devil’s Spyglass and Breakneck Stairs: An Unsolved Mystery, by Roy Clinton
  • Port of Gibraltar: Mersa Asagraby Tito Benady
  • St. Michael’s Cave as described by early writers Eight Century BC – Eighteenth Century, by Manolo Galliano
  • Before the Siege, by Dr Sam Benad
  • World War One: Commemoration and Remembrance, by Anthony W. Pitaluga
  • Spanish Guns over the Rock?, by Peter Ferrary
  • El Santo Cristo de Burgos: Wills and Local Religion in late Seventeenth Century Gibraltar by Dr Ryan Asquez
  • Birth Records in Gibraltar 1704 – 12, by Richard JM Garcia
  • Notes & Queries include an abridged version of ‘Chimney Swallows’ which first appeared in J28 by Roy and Lesley Adkins and ‘Coronation Medals Distributed in Gibraltar’ by Richard JM Garcia
  • Bookshelf 2021 - 2022