Get Involved


Get in touch and find out more about ongoing projects that you can help out and be a part of to help make Gibraltar’s heritage accessible to all.

Projects vary from season to season, but we are looking to compile a register of volunteers that we can call on as and when the need arises.

The Trust’s needs vary from researchers, to photographers, to anyone willing to carry out small maintenance jobs.

DOWNLOAD A VOLUNTEER FORM HERE. Return the form to or drop it off at our Shop in the Main Guard, John Mackintosh Square.

Board of Trustees

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is governed by a Board of 12 Trustees, 5 of whom are appointed by the Government of Gibraltar and 7 of whom are elected from amongst the membership. 

The Board sets the strategy and direction for the Trust, and ensures that statutory responsibilities are adhered to and policies upheld to ensure that we are working for the protection of Gibraltar’s Heritage. A Trustee serves on the Board for a period of 2 years. During this time they are expected to attend monthly Board Meetings where Trust business is discussed and action points taken forward.

The Trust is established by the Heritage and Antiquities Act, 2018 under which its broad functions are:

  1. promote and secure the preservation and enhancement of Gibraltar’s heritage;
  2. at the request of the Government, advise Government and at an early stage and prior to any consents being granted, on planning or other proposals affecting any Listed building, structure, site or land;
  3. promote the public’s enjoyment and advancement of their knowledge of Gibraltar’s heritage.
  4. promote research into and publications on Gibraltar’s heritage and on the history of Gibraltar including its social, cultural and economic and political evolution;
  5. assist the Government of Gibraltar in the formulation of policy in respect of these matters;
  6. the production, publication and sale of books, films or other informative material relating to Gibraltar’s heritage; and the commissioning of works of art, craft or design relating thereto;
  7. the production and sale of replicas or reproductions of works of art, craft or souvenirs relating to Gibraltar’s heritage.

The Trust has 5 members of staff, a Chief Executive, an Executive Officer, a Heritage Officer and 2 Shop Assistants who see to the day to day running of the Trust and the implementation of Board initiatives. The Honorary Treasurer oversees the accounting procedures. All members of staff are accountable to the CEO and ultimately the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to discuss what it means to be a Trustee any further please contact our office for an informal chat.