Alameda Botanical Gardens


The Alameda Gardens were opened on the 14th April 1816 to provide an outside area for recreation that would shade it's users from the sun. These walks were created at the command of the Lieutenant-Governor - General Sir George Don to improve the environment for the civilians on the Rock.

Grand Parade, directly to the north of the gardens was the hub of military activity for over a hundred years. Now a car park it also houses the lower cable car station.

Within the gardens many walks traverse the area offering walkers a number of choices to explore Gibraltar's varied flora and fauna. The gardens display a collection of plants from Mediterranean climatic zones around the world, and contribute towards the conservation of the flora of Gibraltar and its hinterland.  The gardens include an adventure playpark for young children and an open air theatre which is a popular venue for a variety of performances and events in the dry summer months. The Alameda Wildlife Park is situated midway within the park on its eastern flank and can also be accessed from Europa Road. In addition to its natural beauty, the park also has a number of monuments and historic sites to delight explorers.

A visit to these peaceful gardens is well worth the effort. Its winding paths and varied beds tell the story of Gibraltar’s natural heritage. The gardens are open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 08:00am - Sunset