Gibraltar Heritage Trust Events

We run a range of events that help to celebrate the heritage of Gibraltar. All our events can be found in our calendar.

Annual Painting Competition

Held without a break since 1990, the Trust's annual painting competition is a popular event in the local calendar. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness about Gibraltar’s heritage by encouraging participants to take a long and detailed look at a building or site through the process of its reproduction through artistic media. Past themes, all historic buildings, monuments and sites that have featured in Gibraltar’s history include Parson’s Lodge, the Moorish Castle, Trafalgar Cemetery, the Mount and our most recent one in Europa Flats (2021).

Annual Heritage Awards

Since 1993, the Trust has invited nominations from the general public for individuals, groups or buildings which should be considered for a Heritage Award. The awards are made to persons, groups, clubs or companies that have made outstanding contributions to Gibraltar’s heritage (such as by a piece of research, publication of a book, a work of art, or the design, construction or restoration of a building), or by having shown exceptional sensitivity to Gibraltar’s heritage in being instrumental in preserving an important part of it. Persons under the age of 16 are also eligible to be nominated for the Junior Award, either as individuals, groups or as contributors to school projects.

Heritage Dinner

First held in 2009, the dinner aimed to provide a platform for networking and debate on topical heritage issues and aims to put them into the wider context of worldwide thinking and trends. Past speakers have included the CEO of the Mary Rose Project at Portsmouth, the Deputy Finance Director from Historic Scotland and the CEO of English Heritage.