Tour of the Original Mediterranean Steps

Tour of the Original Mediterranean Steps with Roy Clinton.

The tour will begin at 9:30am.


Part A :  (Estimate 2.5 hours) – Difficulty: Moderate

Begins at Jews Gate - brief chat about Jews Cemetery and Sugar Loaf Hill area - walk via St Michael’s Cave Path to Mediterranean road.

Walk along Mediterranean Road to Governor’s Lodge and Lady Chetwynds Chair and entrance to Levant Gallery. 

Back down Mediterranean Road to St Michaels Cave Path up to Cave – brief chat about St Micheal’s Cave platform and maybe comfort stop.

Walk up road to Douglas Cave, chat about Douglas Cave. (Access into cave TBC)

Walk up to O’Hara’s Battery and chat about area. 

Tour can end for those who wish and walk down roads to Jews Gate.


Part B: (Estimate 1.5 hours) – Difficulty: High

Continue to walk down Med Steps. Stop at 1790 Date Oval

Continue to Mediterranean Battery

Continue to tunnels and exit of Levant Gallery

Carry on down to Martins Cave Path.

Back to Jews Gate via Martin’s Cave Path.

Tour ends.


Booking is essential. Call 20042844 or email to reserve a place. 

Please wear comfortable walking/hiking gear.