A Tour of Admiralty Tunnel, Eisenshower's Office and NATO COMCEN


Join Luis Garcia on a tour through Admiralty Tunnel and into President Eisenhower's Office, built inside the Rock and where he was thought to have planned Operation Torch. The tour will end at NATO's COMCEN which closed in the 1980s.

Two Groups

Group One: 10:00am

Group Two: 11:00am

Meeting Point: Outside Bassadone Motors Showroon, Dockyard Road (see map below for further information).

Torches may be required and please wear comfortable shoes.
Level of Difficulty: Medium/Low. Tunnels may be low lit.

Please bring a form of ID.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. Call +350 20042844 or email You will need to provide your membership number and a contact number upon booking.