Heritage Journal Volume 28

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the publication of The Gibraltar Heritage Journal No.28. This edition once again presents a variety of articles from both established and new contributors working in new areas of research and delving into unknown stories. 

In this year’s edition we continue the story of Captain Samuel Buckle, Gibraltar’s Colonial Engineer (1874 -94) in Part II: The Cause of All our Misfortunes; we explore the history of The Nun’s Well; and Medio Hermitaños: The Santeros of Gibraltar 1678-1704; an account of a Murder in the Cathedral (St Mary the Crowned); reminiscences of the 1960s with the title Down Memory Lane and another on the Naval Football Grounds; a study of The Gibraltar “Battle Honour”; a study of Captain Roger Aytoun in Spanking Roger and The Great Siege and we reach the fourth and final part in the series on the Alcaides, Alcades, Corregidores and Governors of Gibraltar. The notes and queries section explodes another historical myth looking at a non-existent Governor of Gibraltar, we make further exploration of the origin of the name Scud Hill; explore the migration of Swallows between Surrey and Gibraltar in Chimney Swallows; and a note on Governor O’Hara in Love

The Trust would like to thank all the contributors and the work of the Editor and Editorial Board in ensuring that the latest journal continues to add to the archives of stories, knowledge and understanding of life, events, and the people of Gibraltar.

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We are also pleased to announce that a print version of the expanded Cumulative Index for Journals 1-25 is now also available to purchase. The index has undergone a significant revision and now organises all articles by alphabetical index, index by author and index by topic making it an indispensable accompaniment to any Journal collection.  

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