On Rosia Bay

Rosia Bay Development
An application for the development of Rosia Bay has been made by a private developer and is viewable on the town planning section of the Government's E-gov website. This is a revision of the previous 2013 scheme that attained approval from the DPC at the time.

Although the Trust was supportive of the 2013 scheme, despite reservations over the construction of a 'pool house' on the southern end of the site, it was felt that the proposal had net benefits in the restoration of the pier, the beach and the creation of a public amenity. 

However the latest scheme has been amended to include 6 apartments, a rooftop restaurant, a rampart terrace and the filling in of approximately 1/3 of the bay to create an 'urban beach'. We feel that this constitutes an overdevelopment of the site and will severely affect the character of this historic bay. Our responses to the DPC can be viewed on our website. We would encourage members of the public to visit the Planning Portal of the website and form their own views. Comments on the application can also be submitted through the system.

GHT response to the application can be read here and the response to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can be read here.