'Making a difference: the life and times of John Mackintosh' by Richard Garcia

‘Making a Difference: The Life & Times of John Mackintosh’ by Richard Garcia

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust will be hosting a book signing on Friday 9th December at the Trust’s shop on John Mackintosh Square from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Richard Garcia will be signing copies of his new book, Making a Difference: The Life and Times of John Mackintosh

Although the official launch of the book is on 14 December, the Heritage Trust has been able to make special arrangements with the publisher of the book, the John Mackintosh Trust, for copies of the book to be available for sale prior to the launch to assist those purchasers who wish to send a copy abroad as a Christmas gift, and want to post their packages early.

Everyone in Gibraltar has heard of John Mackintosh. After all the main square of the city is named after him. Many know that he was a millionaire philanthropist who left his huge fortune to the people of Gibraltar. A few know that he made his money as a coal merchant. Very little else is known by the person in the street about this most generous man. 

This new biography by Richard Garcia aims to remedy this. The story that unfolds is not only that of a coal merchant, but of an entrepreneur who was active in a number of other commercial activities in which he was equally successful. The life story of John Mackintosh would not be complete without paying appropriate tribute to his wife, Victoria, who was also a generous philanthropist. 

John Mackintosh did not live in a vacuum. His father, mother, sisters, and his uncles – the Peacock family – all play a part in this story.

To appreciate the challenges that John Mackintosh faced and what he achieved, it is also necessary to understand something about the times in which he lived, which spanned the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian era, up to the early stages of World War II. It was a very different world to today. The story therefore places in context the business and social world in which John and Victoria Mackintosh moved, and in which they left their mark in no uncertain manner.

Persons interested in buying a copy of this book who are unable to attend the book signing can pre-order a copy from the Heritage Trust shop at the Main Guard in John Mackintosh Square. The price of the book was initially set at £25, but thanks to a decision on the part of the Trustees of the John Mackintosh Trust to subsidise the price, it will sell for £15.

Purchase can also be made via our website for postage abroad. PLEASE NOTE RECOMMENDED LAST POSTING DATE FOR CHRISTMAS IS 15th DECEMBER