Spanish Fountain Restoration

The remains of what is commonly known as the ‘Spanish Fountain’ on the boulevard by Zoca Flank has been the subject of a restoration project. This fountain was originally located at Fountain Ramp, and was moved to Castle Street in 1887 where it remained until 1967 when it was moved to its current position. What has survived and can be seen today is just the fascia of the fountain. With it having been moved so many times, a number of features on it had been lost and past repairs had been carried out with inappropriate materials. We are fortunate in that we have a historical document in Lieut. James’ ‘History of the Herculean Straits’ (published 1771) there is a diagram and cross section of the fountain as it stood and functioned when it was in Fountain Ramp. Using this document, and following a donation from a locally based company, we were able to work with Charles Anes, local stonemasons, we have been able to repair the old repairs so that they are less intrusive and reintroduce the marble cross and finials that were missing from the top of the fountain. All that remains now is to provide an interpretation board on site to tell the story of the fountain.  Many thanks to GML Ltd, whose donation to the Trust made the restoration possible, and to Charles Anes for who carried out the works.