Heritage Gin Set Launched

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is excited to announce the launch of a new product in collaboration with local gin distillery Spirit of the Rock

The new Heritage Gin set ‘Chronicles in a Glass’ contains three 5cl bottles of Gin, inspired by various periods in our history; Moorish Castle (Just Juniper Gin), The Great Siege (Jaco/GORDON’s) and Rosia Bay (Plymouth Style Gin). This collaboration aims to celebrate the indomitable spirit of Gibraltar. Crafted with care by experts at Spirit of the Rock and inspired by the strength that persevered though centuries, each bottle captures the history, innovation, and the unyielding character of the Rock.  

The set is beautifully presented in a tin, with an information card on the 3 periods. Artwork on the labels feature sketches by the talented Naomi Fa.

The curated gin set is not just a collection of spirits; it’s a journey through time, capturing the resilience, innovation, and enduring spirit of Gibraltar across centuries. Each bottle tells a unique story, inviting you to savour the flavours and relish the historical tapestry of the Rock, making it the perfect gift, souvenir, or keepsake.

The sets are available to purchase from The Gibraltar Heritage Trust Gift & Bookshop, Spirit of the Rock Distillery at 8 George’s Lane and at their duty-free shop, after security in Gibraltar International Airport. In purchasing this product, you are supporting the work of the Trust.

Available to purchase on our website. (Shipping overseas is not available)