Call for volunteers

Dear Members,

It is now 8 weeks since the newly restored and refurbished Main Guard offices of the Trust have reopened to the public and the membership. The Board has many exiting plans for the future of the Trust and we would like all of you who are able and willing, to take part.

Many of you have expressed willingness to volunteer for GHT activities and this is precisely what we have in mind. To start with we would like to form a register of interested members. On this register we would place your name and contact details and more importantly what areas of interest, skill or even expertise you may have. We would also like to know what areas of activity you would like get involved in. When we have a significant number to get started then we would like to invite potential volunteers to a meeting at the Main Guard to for organised groups and may be discuss possible projects to get started with.

I as Chairman am confident that there are many interested individuals in Gibraltar who would like to give some of their spare time to help protect and enhance our heritage. I will also advertise to non members to also join us as future members and volunteers.

Together we can all make a difference.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Keith Farrell,