AGM 2023 - Nomination Forms

Join us on Wednesday 15th November at 6:30pm in the Casino Calpe for our Annual General Meeting to discuss all things heritage. 

The Agenda will be uploaded shortly.

This year there are three positions available on the Board of Trustees. We are inviting our members to submit nominations for these posts. A secret ballot will be held at the AGM should the number of nominations exceed the number of seats on the Board.


Nominations should be posted to:

Gibraltar Heritage Trust
The Main Guard
13 John Mackintosh Square
PO Box 683

or handed to The Secretary at The Main Guard, 13 John Mackintosh Square or send via email to no later than 30th October 2023

Only full members of the Trust are eligible to stand, attend and to vote at the meeting.  

If you have any questions that you would like the Board of the Trust to answer at the AGM or any motions to submit, then do so no later than the 10th November 2023.