Gibraltar’s Old Town


Gibraltar has a very different yet distinctive architecture, one where British Military styles have fused with diverse cultural and national styles to create a unique vernacular. Gibraltar’s streetscapes have a timeless quality about them. Building façades, though largely plain, have a rhythmic regularity to them which gives our streets a quiet and unassuming charm- ordnance style arched doorways, Genoese shutters, English regency ironwork balconies, Georgian sash and casement windows which all come together to give Gibraltar it’s unique flavour.

As you wander, pay particular attention to the street names. Street names in Gibraltar became official in the 1870s, when street signs (in English) were first erected by the police. Up until then, streets had no official name and were therefore referred to either by their function or relevance, after some landmark or building on the street, or after an important property owner in the street.

Many of these streets are still referred to by their local colloquial name, the most well known of which is ‘Castle Street’ or ‘Calle Comedia’ which eventually leads, as the name suggests, to Gibraltar’s medieval castle.