Running list of Heritage Awards

Running list of Heritage Awards presented since 1993. The Gibraltar Heritage Awards are presented annually for outstanding contributions to  Gibraltar's Heritage. Full details of The Heritage Awards and entry guidelines can be found on our website.


Award Winner



Achievement / Reason for Award



Dennis King and team of teachers.


Bringing to Middle School children an awareness of our heritage through organised fortnightly outings, in their spare time.


The Royal Engineers.


Many restoration projects.


Christopher Terry

Senior Individual

His leadership and hard work on the restoration of Parson’s Lodge Battery.


Charles Santos

Junior Individual

His enthusiasm and voluntary work at Parson’s Lodge Battery.


Messrs M H Serruya Properties Ltd


Restoration of Line Wall Road façade of their property at 92 Irish Town.


Dr Joseph Garcia

Senior Individual

His book “Gibraltar - The Making of a People”.


Roy Johnson


Senior Individual


His zeal and dedication in carrying out restoration work, particularly high quality stone masonry, at both Trafalgar Cemetery and Parson’s Lodge Battery.


Robert Matto

Junior Individual

His portfolio on Gibraltar’s Architectural Heritage.


Turicum Private Bank


For the exemplary restoration of their premises at 315 Main Street


Sir John Smith and The Manifold Trust


In appreciation of their generous support which made possible the restoration of the exterior of the City Hall


Lionel Culatto

Senior Individual

His successful organisation of the visit to Gibraltar by the Fortress Study Group, his participation in the production of the book “Strong as The Rock Of Gibraltar”, and his continuing commitment to Gibraltar’s heritage.


Wildlife (Gibraltar) Ltd


Outstanding work in restoring and refurbishing the Alameda Gardens and establishing the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.


Major General Simon Pack CB CBE

Senior Individual

Launching the Maritime Museum project by inviting Colin White over to Gibraltar; organising two Royal Marines concerts.


StraitVision Productions


For their video “The Evacuation - Cause and Effect” which provides an excellent pictorial, written and spoken record of the evacuation, the war years and how the Gibraltarians we are today were created during those traumatic years.  It covers a crucial and memorable period of our history.


Tito Benady

Senior Individual

His outstanding contributions to Gibraltar’s literary heritage by his own writing and his encouragement of others.


Credit Agricole Indosuez


The careful restoration of the ground floor facade of their premises at 206/210 Main Street to its original style of stone frontage with arched windows and doors and also the restoration of the interior of the building.


Pepe Morello

Senior Individual

His hard work in researching and collecting items of memorabilia of Gibraltar and its social history.


St Christopher’s School


“The design and fabrication of two large-scale multi-media wall hangings.  One presents an artistic impression of Gibraltar’s military past and present.  The other celebrates the four main religions represented on the Rock and evokes our inheritance of multi-cultural religious tolerance about which we can all be so proud”.


Casino Calpe


Excellent and sympathetic restoration of the former St George’s School (conversion into the Club’s new premises)


Richard Garcia

Senior Individual

His ongoing research into Gibraltar’s history, especially in the fields of philately and numismatics



Bayside Comprehensive School


The Millennium project “Living History: Memories of The Evacuation”.


Freddie Gomez

Senior Individual

His enthusiasm and single-minded dedication to the restoration and preservation of Flat Bastion Magazine.


Pupils of Bayside Comprehensive School



The Millennium project “Living History: Memories of The Evacuation”




Messrs Deloitte & Touche


For the elegant restoration of Merchant House and the enhancement of the character of our city’s principal square.


The Gibraltar Re-enactment Society


For providing a much appreciated spectacle of Gibraltar’s military past (With the support of the Gibraltar Tourist Board)


Ms Lorna Swift

Senior Individual

For her dedication to the Gibraltar Garrison Library and for providing invaluable facilities to all researchers of Gibraltar’s history


Mr Joseph A Rodriguez

Senior Individual

For his meticulously recreated scale model of the 100-ton gun and fostering awareness of Gibraltar’s military heritage.



Mr John Murphy

Senior Individual

For his active participation and constant enthusiasm in the preservation and promotion of all aspects of Gibraltar’s heritage.


Ministry of Defence, Gibraltar


For the care and attention to detail devoted to the heritage-friendly refurbishment of Carter House (formerly ‘E’ block), Naval Hospital Road


1st/4th Gibraltar (MMHO) Scouts Group


For their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication in clearing accumulated rubbish and refuse from Witham’s Cemetery, a long neglected site of interest in Gibraltar’s history.


RAF (Gibraltar) – General Engineering Section


In recognition of the retrieval of the memorial plaque to General Sikorski and its donation to the people of Gibraltar.

Other works such as the refurbishment of the Boyd memorial near King’s Bastion are also recognised by this award.


Mr Joseph (Pepe) Rosado

Senior Individual

In recognition of his unstinting and passionate support for Gibraltar’s heritage over the years and in particular for his research into and organisation of tours of The Convent for both local and overseas visitors which has so enhanced the knowledge of this heritage site.


Pupils of Bayside Comprehensive School


In recognition of the very successful project entitled “A Walk through History” carried out by the school’s History Department during the tercentenary year.


Edward G Archer and Albert A Traverso

Senior Heritage Award

In recognition of their research into the history of Education in Gibraltar and the publication of the book “Education in Gibraltar 1704 – 2004”.  Through their efforts, an important part of Gibraltar’s history has been recorded.


BDO Fidecs

Group Heritage Award

For the saving of Montagu Pavilion and its sensitive conversion into modern offices, thus giving this public building, which saw so many generations of Gibraltarians enjoying water sports over so many years, a new and useful lease of life.


Pupils of Bayside School

Junior Heritage Award

For their reconstruction of the ‘Siege Machine’, undertaken for the Three Kings’ Cavalcade, bringing home “living heritage” to fellow pupils and the public.  This will be the fourth Heritage Award presented to Bayside School.


Warrant Officer II Pete Jackson MBE

Special commendation

for the invaluable practical support that he has given to Gibraltar’s heritage over the past three years.  In particular, the Trust wishes to highlight his extensive knowledge of the WWII Tunnels and his enthusiastic transmission of this knowledge not only to his colleagues but also to all visitors, local and from abroad.


Mario Finlayson

Senior Heritage Award

For his artwork depicting the beauty of Gibraltar’s architecture, old buildings, churches and views of the bay and having promoted characteristic landscapes of Gibraltar abroad.


Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services Ltd

Group Heritage Award

For the authentic reproduction of the carriage for the Koehler Depression Gun.


1st/4th Scout Group

Junior Heritage Award

For assisting restoration work and tidying the O’Hara’s Battery site.


Eric Rowbottom (Senior)

special commendation

For the composition of a military march which has been recorded on CD for worldwide distribution


Basil Gowen

special commendation

For the donation of his life-long unique collection of Gibraltar silk postcards to the people of Gibraltar.


Leslie Linares

Senior Heritage Award

In Recognition Of His Outstanding Dedication To Researching And Recording, Through Photography, All Aspects Of Gibraltar’s Nature, Flora And Fauna, Taking Into Account That These Are An Integral Part Of Gibraltar’s Heritage


Carl Viagas

Senior Heritage Award

In Recognition Of Exceptional Work In Bringing Back To Life Orange Bastion And King’s Bastion Through Magnificent Heritage-Sensitive Restorations


The Bonita Trust

Group Heritage Award 2008

In Recognition Of The Magnificent Contribution Towards The Protection Of Gibraltar’s Heritage, Especially The Restoration Of Mediterranean Steps And Charles V Wall


Sacred Heart Middle School

Junior Heritage Award

In Recognition Of The ‘History Alive’ Days, Especially The Victorian Element, Recreating Gibraltar In The 1800’s


Major (Retd.) David Seed

Special Commendation

For outstanding and invaluable assistance to the Heritage Trust in co-ordinating and directing the annual ‘Marble Tor’ exercises towards heritage-related projects such as renovating the 100ton Gun, Parson’s Lodge Battery, Princess Anne’s Battery, Flat Bastion Magazine and Witham’s Cemetery.


John Frendo

Senior Heritage Award

In recognition of the many years he has dedicated to the preservation and protection of Gibraltar’s Heritage. Mr Frendo’s eye for detail and his positive attitude towards heritage preservation is an example to all.


The Town Range Barracks

Group Heritage Award

In recognition of the redevelopment of this early 18th Century row of military barracks into apartments


The Old Naval Hospital

Group Heritage Award

In recognition of the sensitive way the site has been redeveloped.

In both instances, the heritage-sensitive approach to the redevelopment of these sites is a credit to all involved, developers, architects, contractors, and the residents who are now the custodians of these buildings


Richard Labrador

Individual Heritage Award

For the restoration of John Snow House an ex-MOD married quarter in the South District dating to 1903.


Wayne Estella

Individual Heritage Award

for the recovery of 5 Hargrave’s Parade an example of Gibraltar’s local architecture which has been brought back into use as a home from near-derelict condition.



Group Heritage Award

For the renovation of the exterior of the cathedral carried out under the Rock of Ages Campaign.



Group Heritage Award

For its sensitive transformation into a modern facility by

Commercial Developments Inc. Limited


Gil Podesta

Special Commendation

In recognition of the many years dedicated to the preservation and protection of Gibraltar’s Heritage.


Miss Marjorie Hoare

Individual Heritage Award

For a lifetime contribution to the preservation of Gibraltar’s Heritage. As one of the founding members of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Miss Hoare’s support of all matters heritage has been unstinting, continuing to this day as an Honorary Trustee on the Board of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust.


Mr John Stephen Barea

Individual Heritage Award

For the production of the DVD ‘The History of Gibraltar’. Researched and compiled over a seven year period, the resulting production brings together original artwork, historical photographs and footage to tell a detailed history of Gibraltar


The late Mr John Manuel Risso

Individual Heritage Award

For the refurbishment of the building at 3 Horse Barrack Lane. This building, today a family home, was refurbished internally and externally using authentic materials and respecting the character of the building and adding to the character of Main Street


Mr Patrick Pilcher

Individual Heritage Award

For the refurbishment of 8 North Pavilion Road. This building had been refurbished into a beautiful family home respecting the colonial character of the building and its garden.


British Forces Headquarters Gibraltar

Special Commendation

In recognition of the support given to the Trust over many years.


Flipten Ltd


For the building at 21-23 Engineer Lane where the exterior of the building has been refurbished and restored using authentic materials where possible.


Ibex Insurance


For the building at 66/68 Irish Town where the exterior of the building has been refurbished and restored using authentic materials where possible.


Mr. Roy Harding


For a decade of services to the Gibraltar Heritage Trust as Honorary Treasurer


Mr. Tito Benady MBE


For life-long dedication to researching and documenting Gibraltar’s history and heritage


Mr. Joseph Gingell


For his book ‘We Thank God and England’ and associated research and compilation of archives.


The Friends of Gibraltar Society


For their continued and long standing support of Gibraltar's Heritage.


HSE Consulting Ltd


For the sensitive refurbishment of the exterior of 62-64 Irish Town


The Convent

Special Commendation

For the continuing programme of renovation and restoration works within this historic complex.


Nicholas P. Cruz


For the sensitive extension and redevelopment of 19-21 Scud Hill which preserves the historic streetscape


Peter C. Montegriffo


For the sensitive refurbishment and restoration of 1 Rosia Parade.


CASAIS (Gibraltar) Ltd


For the Harding’s Gun project, Harding’s Battery, Europa Point.


Neville Chipulina

Special Commendation

For the website and associated sites


Mr & Mrs Tombolis

Special Commendation

For the heritage sensitive refurbishment of the exterior of 6,8,10 Irish Town.


Dr. & Mrs. R. Coram


For the sensitive restoration and refurbishment of 10 Library Street.


Mr & Mrs D. Feetham


For the sensitive design, extension and refurbishment of the original building at Ince’s Farm.


The Environmental Safety Group


On the 10th anniversary of campaigning for an improved environment under the Clean Up the World banner.


Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation, Lui Rui & Mr. J. Scott


For the televised documentary series ‘Business Heritage’


Flat Bastion Mews



For its sensitive restoration and regeneration



Cancer Relief Centre


For the external renovation of the ex-Officer’s Mess at 5 South Barrack Road


Deodar Ltd


For the sensitive refurbishment of 31-35 Cannon Lane.


Brian Gomila

Individual Heritage Award

For the promotion of education on Gibraltar’s natural heritage through ‘ Monkey Talk’ outings and events.


Dr. Sam Benady & Mrs Mary Chiappe

Individual Heritage Award

For their series of Historical fiction novels the ‘Bresciano Mysteries” set in 18th century Gibraltar.


Jew’s Gate Cemetery

Group Heritage Award

For the sensitive installation of raised walkways and improved access to this historic site.


Gibraltar International Bank

Group Heritage Award

For the sensitive conversion of the Ince’s Hall into the G.I.B head office.


University of Gibraltar

Group Heritage Award

For the conversion of Bomb Proof Barrakcs into a 21st Century Higher education facility.


The White Light Company

Group Heritage Award

For the promotion of our social history through their play “ Llevame donde Naci”



Group Heritage Award

The restoration and re-development of the Ex-Royal Naval Hospital.


Mr & Mrs Pitaluga

Individual Award

Renovation of Loquat House


Mr Paul and Liz Butler

Individual Heritage Award

Extensive restoration of the property and its grounds.


BCP Venture

Special Commendation

Refurbishment of 1 Governor’s Street


Mr and Mrs Balban-Diable

Special Commendation

Refurbishment of 1 Boschetti’s steps .


The Kasbar

Group Award

Sensitive restoration of 5 Castle Steps


Wellington Front

Group Award

Sensitive restoration of Wellington Front/ vaults


Upper Rock Anglian Way/ Genoese Battery

Group Award

Sensitive restoration and opening of our historical military pathways


Youth Group

Group Award

Re-painting of Devil’s Gap Steps


Gibraltar Post Office

Group Award

Collection, restoration and placing of historic pillar boxes in town centre, accompanying leaflet also produced. Thought given to and standard set for placing of boxes in the ground for easy maintenance.